Friday, 4 October 2013

Romancing the Stone….

It’s seldom that I watch television, and likely can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times I’ve seen daytime T-V unless ailing on the couch with the snuffles!

At present however, I’m seated in a dentist’s office awaiting my hubby. The big-screen television has a show airing called The Doctors, and material content is fascinating. There’s a warning about “explicitness” which might upset viewers.

So far in one episode I’ve learned about several life threatening afflictions and some conditions which affect a couples’ sex life! Such as hip inflammation caused by tissue tears or joint irritation and malfunction that is relieved with orthopedic surgery.

Sexual dysfunction between couples is more common than not – and glossy magazines with covers promising tidbits to improve the situation are eagerly snatched off the racks!

Some folks resort to a retreat – for counselling. I haven’t yet had a chance to view the 2012 movie entitled Hope Springs starring Meryl Streep. The trailer clips are hilarious – especially one scene in a restaurant where the server calls for a show of hands from anyone who’s not indulging any more. There’s a sea of upraised arms!

Even if you’re feeling hard and as chilled as granite, find some giggles everyday – romancing the stone can be heart warming!