Saturday, 24 August 2013

Stormy Weather…

Couples who have been together long enough to look back over a period of more than just a few years all have specific tales to tell. Sometimes the stories are humorous, or not.  A pursed-lips recount of travel plans gone awry or an unlovely vacation may feel scratchy, depending on the outcome.

Bouts of physical/mental illness or other challenging circumstances represent trying time for both parties, and I’ve heard it said that what appears to be a trivial incident long after is sometimes the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

When a marriage break-up occurs, it’s devastating – from observers’ points of view. A lot of tongues wagging about he said, she said… I knew it wouldn’t last… and sometimes astonishment - “they’re the last ones I ever thought this would happen to!”. Stories abound and surface from abundant sources; and opinions vary widely. Eventually the dust settles and the survivors each try to find their own way in a world they aren’t knowledgeable of. Resolution can be happy, sad or desperate.

A couple well-known to me seem to have weathered a lot of storms, a May-December marriage which presents age-related challenges for both. The wife chuckles about “grumpy old men” and he grumbles when things aren’t going his way. The restraints of longevity bring impatience – as it goes with many people there is a time when they just don’t want to bother or be bothered.

My own husband and I were recently chatting about well-meaning eulogies often heard at a funeral or alternatively, a celebration of life. Looping DVD collections of photographs are sometimes projected on a large-screen monitor, or easel-mounted collages displaying memories of happier times.

The task of composing and delivering an overview of the person’s life and accomplishments is not to be taken lightly – it can be daunting. Not only is there the challenge of maintaining one’s composure at a stressful time, the listeneners are attentive and hanging on every word! It feels important to speak kindly lest there be any inkling whatsoever of any less-than-loving remembrances.

I think that a celebration of life feels less somber and cloying.  Snuffles are less audible, feelings of shock or dismay may be less intense and there’s even a possibility of jovial laughter when “Remember the time….” starts a conversation.

Stormy weather is seemingly less memorable when the clouds have passed.

Friday, 16 August 2013

Promises, promises...


Collections of cosmetics are often accumulated when consumers are tantalized by the target-specific advertising promotions on T-V, magazine glossies, billboards and the like.

The rare and precious occasions that allow men or women to sit and leisurely browse are often coincident with feeling weary, overwhelmed and likely overcommitted.

The not-so-tight muscle tone, softer jawline and inevitable dark circles and puffy eyelids challenge our own perceptions of looking and feeling fresh and ready to take up the challenges of the day. Our “game face” is cleansed away before bedtime and re-applied in the unforgiving light of day, and we are eager to try out any recommended tricks and tips to alleviate and “improve”.

“Help! There’s a raccoon in my bathroom!” motivates us to make that conscious decision to try for a renewed, refreshed and more current look. In my own assortment I have at least four different eye-products to brighten and lighten the lids and dark circles. Great, so now they’re more noticeable because I’m obviously not applying the camouflage properly.

Let’s face it – both Barbie™ and Ken™ dolls have matured over the years – and collectors still love them with all the silly perceived faults.

Composer Bob Dylan’s “Forever Young” lyrics don’t relate to physical appearance… anti-aging products are just promises, promises!

Friday, 9 August 2013

Fits ‘n Spurts…

The hilarity of inadvertent stumbles when in conversation sometimes go unnoticed by the participant who is speaking. The other party or parties included may chuckle silently, turn away in amusement or bite their own lip to avoid an outburst of laughter!

If the stumbler recognizes his/her own oops, their reaction may be not so amused – so it’s essential that we are thoughtful and considerate if the speaker has simply chosen a totally wrong word or massacred it!

While browsing through the newspaper flyers recently, a couple I know was discussing a newer plus-type protective underwear – and maybe it would be worth a try.  Subliminal advertising always tweaks one’s attention, and indeed the “new and improved, or plus” seems to imply that the product is better than before.

They decided that the next purchase of the necessary protection would be to give the featured item a try. Tongue in cheek, the wife related to me that her husband, in describing his circumstances, declared that incontinence was in fits ‘n spurts!