Friday, 9 August 2013

Fits ‘n Spurts…

The hilarity of inadvertent stumbles when in conversation sometimes go unnoticed by the participant who is speaking. The other party or parties included may chuckle silently, turn away in amusement or bite their own lip to avoid an outburst of laughter!

If the stumbler recognizes his/her own oops, their reaction may be not so amused – so it’s essential that we are thoughtful and considerate if the speaker has simply chosen a totally wrong word or massacred it!

While browsing through the newspaper flyers recently, a couple I know was discussing a newer plus-type protective underwear – and maybe it would be worth a try.  Subliminal advertising always tweaks one’s attention, and indeed the “new and improved, or plus” seems to imply that the product is better than before.

They decided that the next purchase of the necessary protection would be to give the featured item a try. Tongue in cheek, the wife related to me that her husband, in describing his circumstances, declared that incontinence was in fits ‘n spurts!

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