Saturday, 27 July 2013

“We’re in a new era, are you?”

This timely question was the subject of a recent e-mail from a real estate service provider. The question however can pertain to nearly everyone who’s in their third quarter of the employment or employable phase of their working life.

I recently had occasion to meet an inspiring young lady whose career is in the coaching field. Her zeal and determination to impart current skills to clients is so exciting! Social media, catch-phrases that we aren’t familiar with, and even the “how-tos” of cold-calling for new client opportunities can be overwhelming.

Whether we are business professionals, changing careers, or getting back into the work force we all have what are called “transferable skills”. In particular, I felt enthusiastic about new catch phrases – particularly in letter writing for business purposes, which are nouveau and of the new era.

Inter-generational marketing of ourselves clearly requires that we are in the know and current. Real estate professionals are encouraged to find a niche and focus on that aspect of their business – in some marketplaces however, such as Muskoka where I work, there are a wide variety of prospective buyers and sellers who have real estate needs.

Being familiar with and comfortable in the understanding of new lingo that is current gives us a sense of confidence and ability to integrate rather than being on the proverbial “outside looking in”.

Inspiration, for me, comes from the question “We’re in a new era, are you?” 

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