Friday, 28 December 2012

See Spot Run...

Have you ever noticed that as the Yuletide season approaches there can be increased levels of activity! Even the more organized souls seem to jog and jaunt faster – it’s as if we’re caught up in the swell of it all!

Blustery winter winds can be a good excuse for red faces and noses – and the quiet mention of too much partying and added stress that can also contribute to flushed cheeks.

It’s not only young beauties who are dismayed when an explosion of one or several “zits” mars their appearance. Boys and men aren’t excluded! Everyone wants to look their best in holiday clothes….. the sparkle of decorations, twinkling lights and scintillating conversations contribute to the overall feel that this is a special time of year. Who wants to be ambushed by the avid recipient of a new digital camera though, when our complexion is dotted with bumps. Ugh!

I recently sought expert help from a skin care consultant who had cleansing suggestions and gave me a few samples to test. To no avail though, my face felt like a volcano with small inconsistent eruptions – so off to the doctor who immediately diagnosed the condition as rosacea.

A new cream now replaces the ineffective selections, finally I am encouraged to “see spot run”!


Friday, 21 December 2012

Singing The Same Tune...

In 1963 Walt Disney released a movie entitled “Summer Magic”, in which young-girl actress Hayley Mills played a significant role. Nearly 50 years later I can still hum the tune and remember most of the words to the song “Walk Feminine, Talk Feminine”!

It may be true that the modern business world may frown on women appearing womanly or reflecting femininity; both could perceived as inappropriate. And in some professions, such as a REALTOR®, one must be prepared to either climb a fence,  go up a ladder or trudge acreage – none of which is easily done in a skirt and high-heels! So best practices prevail.

A couple of years ago my husband and I received a lovely Gift Certificate for a fine restaurant, which we saved to use on Valentine’s Day. What a surprise to realize that I was the only woman in the dining room in a dress, and my husband was one of the few men who didn’t sport a baseball cap turned backwards!

The cosmetics and other age-defying industries take in countless millions every year, worldwide, in return for the promise of women “looking your best”.  Somehow though, when I am looking my best, I also want to feel my best – and that includes being female!

Despite the effort now required and heels not-so-high,  I’m singing the same tune! 

Friday, 14 December 2012

The Story of Mur and Shirl...

In 2011, I read with interest about Spain’s Duchess of Alba  who, at the age of 85, married for the third time after being twice widowed.

We’re all familiar with the expressions about “second time around romances” – and people seem to feel most touched when a new couple have kindled a meaningful and promising relationship after being having being bereaved and feeling bereft  when a former  partner has died.

The ringing out of new names together is always exciting – as the royal example  of “Will & Kate”. Some names just seem to “fit” together and are years later always thought of as a single unit, such as Bonnie and Clyde!

In my house, the names are Mur and Shirl. Spoken of with fond remembrances, their memories bring pleasure, sweet recall and humourous recounting of once upon a time.  Their photos are not on the mantle; nor are they face down in a dusty box. If, once in a great while, either my husband or I call each other by the wrong name, both of us take it as a compliment that we each see in each other, and  enjoy and value, the comfort of a happy marriage, the second time around.

Lyrics sung by Frank Sinatra are all about “The Second Time Around” -  which extol the glories of having both feet on the ground .  For some what was “before” stays before and is no longer admitted as part of the present - but for others, their partners from the first time around still have a place in the heart and a room in one’s mind.

And good luck to the Duchess who, on her wedding day, danced the flamenco.

Friday, 7 December 2012

Must Love Dogs...

The popular movie, produced and released in about 2005, was a testament to the wiles and wonders of internet dating.  An internet presence is an integral part of finding that special person whom you are seeking.

As a REALTOR® my online profile is factual and not overly glossy. My interests are client-centric and my business is focused on “making the pathway pleasant and smooth” for both Buyers and Sellers.

When you’re searching for a REALTOR® to work with in the process of accomplishing a real estate transaction, it’s important to bear in mind that actually liking that person is a real plus.

In addition to providing Buyer information and imparting special knowledge of the area and its amenities, we may spend a considerable number of hours together quantifying and qualifying properties we’ve seen or will be seeing.

For Sellers, the travels are fewer and time spent in each others’ company may be less – but the importance of building a relationship with your REALTOR® with the intention of working both intuitively and seamlessly is immeasurable.

The buying or selling of real estate is not a project to be taken lightly – it is a significant process and probably includes life-changing events.
There are specific questions you should ask of a REALTOR® whom you may be considering to represent you; likewise of a REALTOR® who may be awarded the listing of your property.

 Facts, figures, experience and other pertinent information however does not dispel the importance of working with someone you feel comfortable with.

Another factor might also be “must love dogs”!