Friday, 7 December 2012

Must Love Dogs...

The popular movie, produced and released in about 2005, was a testament to the wiles and wonders of internet dating.  An internet presence is an integral part of finding that special person whom you are seeking.

As a REALTOR® my online profile is factual and not overly glossy. My interests are client-centric and my business is focused on “making the pathway pleasant and smooth” for both Buyers and Sellers.

When you’re searching for a REALTOR® to work with in the process of accomplishing a real estate transaction, it’s important to bear in mind that actually liking that person is a real plus.

In addition to providing Buyer information and imparting special knowledge of the area and its amenities, we may spend a considerable number of hours together quantifying and qualifying properties we’ve seen or will be seeing.

For Sellers, the travels are fewer and time spent in each others’ company may be less – but the importance of building a relationship with your REALTOR® with the intention of working both intuitively and seamlessly is immeasurable.

The buying or selling of real estate is not a project to be taken lightly – it is a significant process and probably includes life-changing events.
There are specific questions you should ask of a REALTOR® whom you may be considering to represent you; likewise of a REALTOR® who may be awarded the listing of your property.

 Facts, figures, experience and other pertinent information however does not dispel the importance of working with someone you feel comfortable with.

Another factor might also be “must love dogs”!

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