Friday, 28 December 2012

See Spot Run...

Have you ever noticed that as the Yuletide season approaches there can be increased levels of activity! Even the more organized souls seem to jog and jaunt faster – it’s as if we’re caught up in the swell of it all!

Blustery winter winds can be a good excuse for red faces and noses – and the quiet mention of too much partying and added stress that can also contribute to flushed cheeks.

It’s not only young beauties who are dismayed when an explosion of one or several “zits” mars their appearance. Boys and men aren’t excluded! Everyone wants to look their best in holiday clothes….. the sparkle of decorations, twinkling lights and scintillating conversations contribute to the overall feel that this is a special time of year. Who wants to be ambushed by the avid recipient of a new digital camera though, when our complexion is dotted with bumps. Ugh!

I recently sought expert help from a skin care consultant who had cleansing suggestions and gave me a few samples to test. To no avail though, my face felt like a volcano with small inconsistent eruptions – so off to the doctor who immediately diagnosed the condition as rosacea.

A new cream now replaces the ineffective selections, finally I am encouraged to “see spot run”!


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