Friday, 21 December 2012

Singing The Same Tune...

In 1963 Walt Disney released a movie entitled “Summer Magic”, in which young-girl actress Hayley Mills played a significant role. Nearly 50 years later I can still hum the tune and remember most of the words to the song “Walk Feminine, Talk Feminine”!

It may be true that the modern business world may frown on women appearing womanly or reflecting femininity; both could perceived as inappropriate. And in some professions, such as a REALTOR®, one must be prepared to either climb a fence,  go up a ladder or trudge acreage – none of which is easily done in a skirt and high-heels! So best practices prevail.

A couple of years ago my husband and I received a lovely Gift Certificate for a fine restaurant, which we saved to use on Valentine’s Day. What a surprise to realize that I was the only woman in the dining room in a dress, and my husband was one of the few men who didn’t sport a baseball cap turned backwards!

The cosmetics and other age-defying industries take in countless millions every year, worldwide, in return for the promise of women “looking your best”.  Somehow though, when I am looking my best, I also want to feel my best – and that includes being female!

Despite the effort now required and heels not-so-high,  I’m singing the same tune! 

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