Friday, 4 January 2013

First Foot In...

As this year wanes and we are full of Great Expectations for 2013, many of us are entertaining a new year’s resolution or two. If overheard or enough hints are dropped in conversation, Santa sometimes includes a Gift certificates under the tree for certain activities or interests.

Local Parks & Recreation facilities offer one time, monthly or quarterly memberships for walking, exercise classes, special interest courses, lap swimming or lessons. Fitness Clubs and other hobbyist groups encourage new members anytime – but we feel most ambitious when turkey time is passed and the New Year is imminent.

Historically I think that the majority of New Year’s Resolutions pledged are not fulfilled. Everyday goals like losing weight, keeping the house tidier, or walking the dog more frequently are intentions which may be put on a back burner instead of accountability coming to the fore. Other more meritorious goals require commitment and tenacity to achieve the desired outcome.

A traditional Scottish tradition of first foot in brings good fortune for the coming year when a tall dark-haired male crosses the threshold after midnight usually bringing several gifts including a coin, bread, salt, coal or a drink – which represent financial prosperity, food, flavor, warmth and good cheer.

The regularly scheduled First Foot In this January however will see a different address – the local pool where I intend to put first foot in and begin a regular schedule of swimming. 

Intentionally I’m changing my business stroke from dog-paddle to an accomplished marathon crawl!

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