Friday, 25 January 2013

Rocking Chair...

Perhaps you’re in it, or thinking of trying the lifestyle! The famous lyrics by Louis Armstrong may be familiar, or somewhat. Each and every one of us can conjure up a vision or impression of a rocking chair…who uses it and what does it look like?

Traditional perceptions of stooped grandmothers and grandfathers are totally out of date – the likelihood of a zooming cyclist, power walker or marathon runner may be more apt now!

When I was a young girl a Grandmother might often be seen wearing cardigan sweaters, clumpy shoes and long full skirts, pin curled hairstyle and no makeup.

Nowadays the profiles are much different – jogging suits, yoga mats, laptops or i-pads™ and a view to the future.

Even men and women who aren’t able to walk or run due to health issues may be seen astride snowmobiles, all terrain vehicles or personal watercraft! 

A woman I know is planning a short mini-vacation this Spring to an Ontario Provincial Park destination she and her husband have always wanted to visit. There are several boardwalks wending through the bogs, wetlands and other scenery – which at first consideration seemed unsuitable. Lo and behold, all-terrain wheelchair rentals are available on-site for use on one designated trail! The prospect is dizzying and opportune!

Our “best-before” date has not yet come and past – there’s no expiry on pleasurable activities and travel destinations also cater to special needs if required. 

Singles, couples, groups or similarly-interested hobbyists can easily dream what may well have been nearly-impossible just a generation ago! I read an article recently in the Toronto Star about a young couple who set out in 2012 to make a list of 365 things they had never done – and accomplish that list by December 31st. It sounded both daunting and exciting.

Make your own list of things you’ve never done and want to do, the timeframe is what you choose – rise up out of that rocking chair and grab a pad and pencil!

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