Friday, 8 February 2013

Techno-challenges and the Canadian Penny...

Several months ago I replaced a small television in the living room with a large, flat screen. Next step was to replace the cable box with a High Definition one!
Then purchase component cables for the DVD, to say nothing of separate audio cables which were not included. I’m still not sure if they are essential.

Being in the baby-boomer age group, I have quite a collection of VCR tapes which are still enjoyed. Especially my wedding video – and with Valentines coming up I decided to double check and make sure everything works. You guessed it – remotes, instructions, menu choices, selecting video vs DVD…No picture. I went online to the manufacturer and printed out a diagram of the connections how-to.
Still no go.

Presuming that perhaps the VCR machine was not working period, I bought a new combo DVD/VCR. Same results. However, I did learn that the red, blue and green component cables are for DVD only – a clue!!! So now, if I’ve got it figured right – when using the VCR, unplug the DVD component cables, plug in the old-fashioned red, white and yellow cables, select Video and the results should be rewarding. Except I haven’t tried it yet.

Like the way of the proverbial dodo bird and other phased-out items no longer useful, maybe I’ll have to source out more help. Tonight may not be a celebration at all, conversely, a commemoration of both my apparent inept grasp of techno-challenges and the last day of the Canadian penny!

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