Friday, 15 February 2013

Somewhere Over The Rainbow...

February 14th is celebrated by many as Valentine’s Day, worldwide. The glitz and shimmer of bouquet ribbons, bows on boxes, jewellers’ bling and all manner of commercialism is contagious.

Lost in the shuffle sometimes are the plain jane couples who are no longer blind to the view from rose-coloured glasses. Their long-time partnerships may have grown into less than sensational passion, no sliding down banisters or cavorting on countertops – but nonetheless caring and sharing.

A red chiffon dress and silver stilettos may be voluntarily traded for fleecy slippers and a shuffle around the floor in pj’s and a housecoat; and for him – track pants and a clean T-shirt, socks that don’t stand alone and maybe a splash of something that sniffs yummy.

Restaurants in all locales offer specially created menus, tables adorned with party ware and candles, and maybe a Special Occasion cocktail.  This year I will be thinking of the many Valentine’s Day(s) that have been recognized, and a few surprises on occasion too!  Ahh – the fulfillment now comes from a burger barbecued on a snowy Winter night, luscious wine in a glass that’s not from the kitchen, and the annual viewing of a now-grainy video of the nuptials .

Somewhere over the rainbow dreams really can come true.

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