Friday, 22 February 2013

As Time Goes By...

Every day on my way to the Bracebridge office where I work, my usual route passes by one of the churches in town. The Pastor there has a knack for pertinent and appropriate phrases which are eye catching on the large outdoor “bulletin board”. Passersby can’t help but notice when a new slogan or phrase replaces last week’s post…

This week the words read as follows: “Love does not dominate, love cultivates”.
Immediately upon seeing this, I thought of recent buyer clients who perfectly represent this thought-provoking phrase. The lady and her husband are both hale in health and she is hearty in enthusiasm; the gentleman however is quelled somewhat with dementia. The “missus” bubbles with eagerness on his behalf – and despite the burden of care she carries – she appears sunny and cheerful.

When one’s partner of family member suffers a diagnosis of Alzheimer disease, for lack of a more particular adjective, it can sometimes feel insurmountable. Progressively, confidence wanes, words sometimes fail and the horizon is no longer clear – for all parties. It is times such as this that caregivers and other supporters mush dig deep inside to find a way to navigate each bend in the road and learn how to climb over the humps in the day.

In a circumstance such as these clients find themselves -  when one partner now clearly depends on the encouragement and support of the other, their relationship reflects that truly, “Love does not dominate, love cultivates”

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