Friday, 30 November 2012

On Golden Pond...revisited

At the annual Thanksgiving time of year there are many thoughts which may come to one’s mind. Personal circumstances though can sometimes make feeling thankful a difficult mindset!

The different “ages and stages” that we grow and progress through affect our emotions and confidence – there can be plenty of “Aha!” moments when concerns become clear and the path out of the woods discernible; and the choices we make are hopefully well thought out and balanced.

On a recent “get-away” for a couple of days in Autumn, I had a serendipitous revelation! The beauty of the seasonal colours felt vibrant, contrasting somewhat to the personal “slump” I was feeling…my usual upbeat enthusiasm was absent.
The road trip was lovely, and nigglings of my mind were assessed, reassessed and evaluated again. The themes – both obvious and more subtle as well of that famous “On Golden Pond” movie seemed appropriate –  the awareness of how some things change, some stay constant, and some challenges appear which must be resolved.

Whether we are thriving and zooming or  simply managing to get by and can’t quite get our heads around the “golden years” that are ours – to everything there is a reason and a season. If we can summon even the teensiest sense of adventure,  and seek out activities or subjects that are of interest, it’s inevitable that the autumnal feeling will give way to the eternal hopefulness that is Spring.  Funny how our viewpoint can change with just a nudge – being “On Golden Pond” might be the adventure of our lifetime!

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