Friday, 16 November 2012

Blarney Stones...

We can all recall a popular advertising slogan several years ago that suggested “freedom” from the workaday world at time calculated to be ten years sooner than traditional retirement age.  Anticipation flushed many a cheek!

Since that time, global economies have suffered deep and truly devastating influences – delusions of grandeur and speedy sports cars have evaporated for many. And yet, workers everywhere have set their shoulder to the wheel and have been able to move forward, though sometimes imperceptibly. Keeping one’s head above water is a struggle for many.

The advent of Instant Win lottery tickets, Early Bird draws and all manner of puzzle prizes have lured hopefuls by the throng and in Ontario the casino crowds now outnumber those who bet on the horses!

As time rolls along I have learned that the plea “if someone would just give me a break” falls on deaf ears and a non-existent “someone”. We make our own breaks by making informed choices, few guesses, and keeping our eye on the ball. A more recent probability  is that most of us who have achieved 60-plus years under our belt may have to toil on longer.

The proverbial “pot of gold at the end of the rainbow” is, for the majority of grown-ups, an empty crock of blarney stones.

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