Friday, 2 November 2012

Flying Free

November 2, 2012

Several years ago, having saved up travel rewards points for awhile, an invitation came to my husband and me to vacation for two weeks in beautiful Barbados. My cousin and her hubby have been going for many years – and I’d been dreaming of the beaches, sand and sun!

The four of us met at a small hotel near Pearson airport in Toronto, had dinner and then early to bed so we could be ready for the shuttle in the pre-dawn. Excitement was palpable – an adventure to say the least! We would be joining an already established group of 4 other couples and were full of anticipation!

When our bags were checked, Duty Free purchases stowed safely, we made our way to the Departure Lounge – in good time. The Flight Attendants at the desk were well organized and all seemed to be moving along smoothly. Until our names were broadcast over the loudspeaker and we were summoned to The Desk!

My heart was in my mouth with apprehension – surely we wouldn’t be bumped from the flight because we flying on rewards points!!! My husband and I were informed that the plane was overbooked, and that there would have to be some changes made. I told the Attendants earnestly that we were travelling with another couple – and having never been to Barbados before we simply couldn’t be split up from them. Forthwith, my cousin and her hubby are also summoned – and with distinct pleasure, the Attendants at The Desk asked if we would mind moving up to First Class seating, at no extra charge!

We’ve continued to accumulate rewards points – and anticipate making another reservation when we’ll again be flying free!

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