Friday, 23 November 2012

Leaf Peepers In Muskoka...

It came as a great realization to me how easy it is to over-estimate someone’s stamina and have that too-weary feeling after having tried hard to make an event pleasurable and interesting!

Recent visitors to my home in Bracebridge wanted to come and “see the leaves” – so the day was set for an excursion by car. With me driving, there were four others in the roomy vehicle; sun was shining and everyone had a full tummy!
We toured several smaller towns and stopped at three lookout points through the day, as well as lunch at an adorable restaurant in Dorset named Zachary’s.

The end of the afternoon found us back where we’d begun – but astonishingly, our visitors were tired and seemed almost bored.  I felt foolish that I had taxed their energy and enthusiasm….heads bobbing as they dropped off to the land of nod from time to time wasn’t rewarding for them or me. The pleasure of being a positively scintillating tour guide was lost!

After supper, everyone settled in front of the television for a movie we’d all been anticipating. Shortly into it they were snoozing in their chairs – jolting into wakefulness from time to time and wondering what they’d missed.

A lesson well learned –make the jaunt shorter and it will be all the sweeter if you want to host friends and family at Leaf-Peeping time in beautiful Muskoka

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