Friday, 5 July 2013

A Double Take…

Television newscasters present a wide variety of subject matter to their viewers. The subject matter included in an hour-long program varies widely, and includes specific segments peppered in between with commercials.

Developing stories or follow-ups to yesterdays’ events keep people informed and in synch. Dinner table conversations following the early news can include the sharing of differing opinions, outright debates, or conservative deference to noisiness.

The world of Sports includes analyses, discussion and a lot of biliousness after the games are lost, players are traded, or free-agency is in place. All the what ifs, whens and whys is fodder for anyone who earns their living by encouraging dialogue and discussion.

The sputtering and exclaimed remarks might be thought of as philosophizing – last night I learned a new adjective however... A slip of an overly-excited tongue blurted out the word “fossilizing”; which indeed caused me to do a double take!

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