Friday, 8 November 2013

Feeling Settled…Oops!

Ever notice that, with the proverbial Ups and Downs of Life, that once in awhile we begin to feel almost settled? After diligent and long-time plodding toward the sought-after circumstance of contentment, we begin to feel as if we’re almost achieving what we’ve been striving for.

The word “happiness” is elusive – many people relate to this differently. What happiness is to one person may not nearly resemble what that word means to another. I feel for myself, that  “contentment” is more comprehensive. Before we start feeling to comfy cozy though, an unexpected bit of news which may be probable or not. Nonetheless, this strikes us to our very core with a sense of feeling undone – “how could this happen now?”.

Someone close recently e-mailed me with exciting news about a new job position – for which the invitation to complete an online competency test was extended.
The stuff of dreams for this woman, after a too-long/too hard slug for many years.
I was able to rationalize the pros and identify the wonderful opportunity immediately, then my personal self banged at the door of goodwill and insidiously muttered “but……what about me? What about the thoughts we’ve discussed for our future?”

The Real Me has composed myself and dried my snuffles – I truly wish the very best for this woman and am encouraging her to be the very best she can be. Reach for the stars, sister!  The possibility is fabulous and probability high.

Having one’s cage rattled now and then averts complacency. Just when we start feeling settled….oops!

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