Friday, 15 November 2013

Navigational Aids...

Several years ago while active in the real estate profession, I dreamed it would be great fun to be able to escape for an hour or two on rare occasions –  and the means of transport would be by boat.

Never having had a boat previously, it was important to take the Power Squadron Course and earn my Pleasure Craft License. Not only was the instruction interesting, I found the scope of it all enormous! Armed with all the essentials, including binoculars – it was with some trepidation that we set forth on a maiden voyage.

One of the first challenges was to be able to read the lake charts and steer at the same time – glasses on/glasses off seemed to be the exercise. Having a good sense of direction is simply not enough. A compass, a sharp-eyed spotter and knowing the ups and downs of currents were all significant.

Today, long after the boating experiment, I learned about other navigation aids previously unknown to me.
In discussion with a representative from the Falls Prevention Program, I learned that navigation aids also exist in one’s home!

We are all familiar with the terms “water walker”, “sky walker”, “moon walker”; to name a few, but my vocabulary was increased by a new expression – “furniture walker”. And it’s not dogs, cats, other pets or babies!
When moving around the home, to avoid a fall when unsteadiness may be a concern, many people choose not to use a cane or other assistive device – and cruise their route with a hand along the back of the couch or outstretched to make contact with the next chair or table… Hence, “furniture walkers”!

A sense of direction, good eyesight, awareness and destination are all navigation aids.

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