Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Doing my “Happy Dance”

When the alarm goes off with that very annoying notification that it’s time to arise, some mornings feel like g-r-r-r instead of flinging back the blankets in anticipation of a new day at the office, home or wherever! My clock is set for 5:45 – and now that daylight saving time is in effect, darkness is emphatic both when I get up and get down.

Recently I did hit the snooze button, still half-awake – but launched in a panic after just three or four more minutes. Running on too fine a timeline!
After getting my bearings and feet under me, so to speak, flicking the hall light on was just a preliminary to the glaring halogens in the bathroom.  Face wash and teeth in that order….face wash was uneventful – but without glasses I’m not too clear – so a surprise followed.

On one side of the vanity were two tubes, each with a golden hue label – what the print reads was an unknown. One of them did feel a bit more round when I picked it up, maybe more in it than I remembered? Squeezed the gel out on the toothbrush and started to brush….. Note to self:  Put your glasses on next time.

If there was a toothache in the offing this was instantly quelled – and the taste was only accentuated by using mouth rinse.

Talk about a wake-up call – the “happy dance” than ensued wasn’t in celebration!

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