Sunday, 26 January 2014

Tiny Bubbles…

A television commercial thats broadcast currently depicts both youngsters and adults feeling gleeful that gossamer soap bubbles surround them and seem to dance in the air! The wide smiles are contagious viewers cannot help but share the delight.

Pouncing on bubbles wherever they are found is great fun, regardless of age. My uncle, who recently passed away at the age of 103, was seen on video to be scooting down a waterslide slick with dish soap on the occasion of his 99th birthday! Little children adore bath time when no-tear bubbles are mounding, as do weary ladies when a good soak is the best treat in a deep tub!

The gay feeling that makes us giggle is effervescent singer Don Ho once sang of tiny bubbles, in the wine! Its a well-known and proven fact that laughter is the best medicine when combating health issues; Dr. Norman Cousins described the benefits in his best-selling, groundbreaking classic entitled Anatomy of an Illness. Sometimes the teensiest tickle of comic-relief can ease a serious situation and when a giggle bubbles unexpectedly, even inappropriately, the results can be hilarious! When a book or article evokes humour, the author has achieved their intention. If we are of the ilk that people sometimes recommend we lighten up a senseless comedy routine or silliness of a kitten playing may be all it takes. In the grey days of January where were shy on sunshine, my own little dog has taken to acrobatics and other amusing antics which are truly effective. Cmon, lets go! 

Make your own, share with a friend, or put together a gift basket for someone who needs a lift.  Im off to the store this afternoon to find a bubble pipe or wand indoors or out, we can all get a giggle from tiny bubbles.

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