Sunday, 5 January 2014

Company’s Coming….!

It seems probable that we have all heard, at one time or other, how someone flies into a full-blown tizzy of anxiety when guests are coming to visit.. It matters not who they are – getting ready can feel like a marathon we don’t want to run..

When there are extenuating circumstances such as chronic illness or a household member’s death, people feel more than willing to overlook a few dust bunnies in the corner or spots on the kitchen cupboard doors. Globs of jam on the counter or a sticky spill in the fridge are easy to remedy with a quick swipe of a damp cloth if it’s caught in time.

Caregivers, even on short-term assignments, might find it difficult to keep priorities relevant. Too much change, too much haste or being too fretful upset the “usual” way of things – to the point of tears or other displays of frustration. Helpful hints or “tips” on how to keep everything on an even keel are hard to bring to the fore when the house isn’t at its best! The proverbial big breaths, slow and easy, then set to with a reasonable expectation of completing small tasks.

Bathrooms in particular can be kept fresh and sweet with modern day cleansers, deodorizer wicks/wands/pumps, toilet bowl pucks, and by emptying wastebaskets.

Kitchens are the next priority – keep taps and sinks gleaming with a wipe down and clean up stovetop spills as soon as possible after the mishap. If you’re absolutely overwhelmed and someone asks “is there anything I can do to help?” – don’t be shy, and don’t pretend you have everything under control! Visiting family members would be glad to throw in a load of laundry or rattle up dishes in the sink!

If you know ahead of time that visitors are coming – whether for an afternoon, evening or longer visit – write out a list of “Things to do” and place it on the refrigerator door. Even though there may be a last minute flurry of setting out clean towels, rearranging a throw blanket or afghan, and even fluffing the dog’s bed!

When company’s coming they’re coming to see you, not your house!

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