Monday, 24 February 2014

Drifting but not Adrift...

This winter has been oh-so-long and grey-skied too often. Everyone is yearning for a glimpse of some rays – just to stoke the fires of ambition. My usual get up and go feels dormant; if I could find out where that weather-wise groundhog is hiding I’d dig up his burrow!

The hustle of the Christmas season, whether merry or not, dissipates into the January blahs, when there’s no hurry about anything!  Come February, optimists get out paint chips samples and dream of herculean efforts to spruce up the house; gardeners lovingly stroke their rubber boots and pore over spring catalogues! Mind and body seem to be in hibernation, waiting for a thaw, watching for “a sign”. I actually heard some crows yelling this morning and maybe we will find ourselves dug out from the snow eventually, thirteen feet is about ten too many.

Sometimes an afternoon reverie curled up under a cozy afghan is just the time inspiration comes winging into our consciousness. If you’re under the covers too often for too long maybe you’re adrift. I must confess I’ve been sleeping too late for my liking, but if there’s temporarily no need to set the alarm, why fret. Somehow we are able to justify most things; sleeping in may make sense but might be senseless! It’s a puzzle these days!

What we learned and experienced in 2013 has grown us into a different person than “same time last year”. It takes a little time to regain one’s bearings – our inspiration for what’s ahead may be a flickering flame that will become an inferno once we get our lists made and thoughts in order. Except I can’t find a match!

Walking is a great way to burn off some lard and feel peppier – watching the Olympians’ accomplishments makes everyone else look like a fossil. Time to heave once again into heavy boots and my parka, the dog is twirling and wants “out”. Maybe I’ll I rediscover that train of thought that’s buried and hop aboard as it whizzes past! 

Today I’m drifting but not adrift.

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