Sunday, 20 April 2014

Write On...

The variety of electronic communication devices is boggling – it’s easy to fall behind the times though when being up to date is not essential. I am personally of the vintage when manual typewriters evolved to electric, then word processing, and the list goes on.

Several years ago I saw a small-sized computer which held innumerable photographs, all properly filed. It was new to me, and simply called a Notebook. Handy and dandy. The selections today are desktop computers, laptops, notebooks, I-pads and one most aptly named ThinkPad™. 

Tweaks such as Memos to Self on our cellphones, Post-It™ notes on the fridge, mirror, doorframes and dashboards, or daily Lists of Things to Do are all task reminders.  We communicate to ourselves throughout all our waking hours and to each other most often by voice.

A business coaching system I participated in emphasized the dying art of hand-written letters, note-writing and even sending greeting cards by snail mail. It’s almost difficult to grasp the sense of anticipation that homesteaders felt when they knew the next Pony Express delivery was due!

While we rely on instant gratification and electronic communications regularly, there is still a substantial feeling of pleasure when someone receives a letter or card in the mail.

Write on!  

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