Friday, 14 June 2013

It All Adds Up...

It all adds up…

There are more than 40 organized real estate boards in Ontario whose members provide ongoing support to the Realtors Care Foundation. The Foundation’s website Intro states that ”Bricks make a building solid, just as a house is built one brick at a time, our Foundation helps those in need.”

The REALTORS Care Foundation supports shelter-related charities in Ontario. Shelter is defined as a refuge, haven or protection that provides or improves quality of life from hunger, the elements, physical/psychological abuse, disabilities and illness.

Donations to the REALTORS Care Foundation make a real difference, supporting people and communities, changing the lives of those who rely on organizations that offer warmth, comfort and safety.

See for yourself the good works..

Also close to my heart is the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation, which set a new fundraising records in support of women’s shelters across Canada. This is the largest public foundation dedicated exclusively to supporting women’s shelters and violence prevention and education.

Through salespeople’s commission donations and the fundraising activities of the Royal LePage network, over $14 Million had been raised.
Check out their website for details…

If you missed our Canada-wide Annual garage sale held in May, 2013, ask your local REALTOR® what events are scheduled in the coming months.

I am a proud supporter of both efforts all year, every year!

It all adds up!

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