Friday, 7 June 2013

Zip lining…

I was musing recently about the devil-may-care attitudes that some people profess - seeming to care naught a fig for the consequences of self-indulgent whims.

Para-sailing, scuba diving, spelunking or even hot-air balloon rides may be considered “dangerous” to one’s well being because of the possible risks; versus probabilities.  Young people and some not-so-young can readily being observed as either daring and fun or downright foolish! It all depends on one’s point of view.

Moving through the different stages of adulthood, sometimes our personal perspective alters. We may think from time to time – “who cares” if I do this or that. Responsibilities can lie heavy on one’s shoulders, and we observe an activity from afar but don’t participate in case something goes awry.

Designated beneficiaries of life insurance policies for example would be disappointed if their inheritance should fall through because the policyholder was stupid and negated the coverage by not adhering to the disciplines set out in small print. Choosing to take a chance could be costly, or not.

Travel photos of acquaintances who are “old enough to know better” are tangible memories of memorable holidays. Rainforest hikes, whitewater adventures, careening down a bobsled run or diving from high cliffs all prompt oohs and ahhs – it looks like such fun!

I have an uncle who, at the age of ninety-nine, was photographed gleefully propelling down a water slide. What of it – it was a blast – and impressive as well!
Selected and accomplished feats are indeed memorable – though a conservative interpretation could be that life is a ride anyway!

On my bucket list though, is to go zip lining!  

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