Friday, 5 April 2013

Smelling the Roses….

Attendees at a recent gathering of men and women who are members of a special interest group sparked an animated discussion surrounding a handout quiz measuring personal Stress Index. Some people preferred to complete the questionnaire at home while others scrambled for pen or pencil promptly.

Everyone knows somebody, possibly themselves, who is laboring under an intense pressure where relief or solution is neither immediate or within the foreseeable future. It may be illness and prescribed treatment, it may be financial, or any number of other possibilities.

Poet John Donne’s famous “No Man is an Island” excerpt from Meditation XVII applies to each and every one of us.  A too singular effort to resolve personal issues can render anyone to deep feelings of isolation or “aloneness” – yearning desperately to find a way to resolution.

Common expressions such as “thinking outside the box” are not easy to put into place when you’re boxed in to circumstances not of your own making – an example might be as caregiver of child or children, spouse, or parent. The journey is along and the road unforgiving. There is no visible “light at the end of the tunnel” and the burden is weighty. The options are few and the sense of obligation irrefutable. One woman I know doesn’t want to be crammed “into the box” – feeling apprehensive that she will be suffocated and lose her own identity – respite is, for this lady and most others, a dream.

Regardless of the source your stressors stem from, click on the link and find out what your Stress Index score is. If the light goes on for you a good move is to seek some participation that removes you to collaborating and benefitting from the fellowship others in similar situations can gift to you; and you to them!

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